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About us

The foundation of our work is our passion for quality.

Turning Leaves has grown from humble beginnings in 1999 to a well-established manufacturer of cotton percale bedding and table linen.

It started with a lifelong passion for beautiful linen and the dream to create our own unique products of exceptionally high standards. It seemed almost impossible to create something so unique, manufactured in a time-honoured way in a world where mass-production and instant gratification and yet another 'bargain', reign supreme. Nevertheless, we relentlessly pursued our dream. We had an unwavering belief that there is a niche market with an appetite for excellence. This dream has been realized and we, the owners together with a small, dedicated team, produce bespoke linen for a select clientele who keep coming back for more.

18 Years later we remain steadfastly dedicated to our original ideals. We want our customers to experience the essence of our dream, which we passionately instill in every item we produce.

The name Turning Leaves symbolizes new beginnings - to turn a new leaf...

We believe that the magic of our products and excellent service are synonymous with a new beginning for our customers.

Furthermore, our name also reflects our love for nature, therefore we insist on using only the finest natural textiles. There is meaningful, unwritten poetry to be found in nature; we are inspired by the colour, texture, shape and fragrance of leaves as they change from season to season.

Linen products

Amidst the beautiful surroundings of Montagu in the Western Cape Province, Turning Leaves takes pride and pleasure in making a unique linen collection. Inspired by the beauty of nature, only 100% white cotton percale is used, enhanced with our exquisite embroidery in superb colour-fast German thread.

Our bed linen is custom-made to order in all standard South African, European and other overseas standard sizes. We also custom-make non-standard sizes on request.

The following bedding items can be ordered (with or without embroidery):

- Duvet covers (with or without Oxford border)

- Top flat sheets (with 18 cm hem at top end and satin stitch or double straight stitch)

- Bottom sheets (flat or fitted)

- Pillow cases (with or without Oxford border)

- Box-pleat bed skirts (Valances)

- Waffle weave cotton summer blankets

Custom-made waffle weave towels (with or without embroidery) can also be ordered.

We supply a variety of items to the hospitality industry, including standard size factory-made pillows and duvet inners with microfibre filling, mattress and pillow protectors and a wide range of ordinary cotton towels.


Gift shop

Turning Leaves also has a wide range of embroidered gift items available off the shelf:

- Lavender sachets & small pillows

- Waffle weave guest towels

- Waffle weave face cloths

- Laundry bags

- Shoe bags (men's & ladies')

- Handkerchiefs (men's & ladies')

- Coat hanger covers

- Tray cloths

- Serviettes

- Quilted tea cozies

- Quilted hot water bottle covers

- We stock a carefully chosen selection of hand-made items, as well as a home fragrance range: thoughtful gifs for discerning people.


Embroidery designs

A wide variety of embroidery designs are offered. A digitizing service is available for special personalized requirements. Pictures of specific designs will be made available upon request via e-mail

The embroidery pictures shown here represent only a few of many popular designs that are available.

All the designs shown here are subject to copyright protection.

Each design can be rendered in a variety of colours.

The actual size of most designs are less than 120 mm x 120 mm. Sizes can be adjusted within limits.

A combination of designs and simple customising can be done, for example monograms.

We offer script in a variety of fonts.


Ordering procedure

Please send enquiries/orders to the email address provided on our contact page.

Kindly note that the following conditions apply to all orders:

- A minimum of 50% deposit is required with all orders. An order will only be considered as confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.

- VAT is included in all rates. Zero rate will apply to direct exports. Payment of VAT and import duties at the destination country is the customer's responsibility.

- Fabric to be white pure cotton percale with a minimum thread count of 300, unless otherwise specified.

- The selected embroidery pattern(s), layout and number of patterns per item to be agreed upon before confirmation of the order.

- Extra length or special sizes will be quoted for separately.

- Postage, packing and insurance will be added, if required.

- No linen will be delivered or dispatched unless full payment has been received.





Physical/Postal Address:




Cotton percale

‘Percale’ actually refers to the weaving density of the fabric, i.e. the thread count or number of threads in a square inch. Due to its relative high density, the process of weaving percale is highly specialised. It is not uncommon to weave polyester cotton to percale density, hence the confusion about the term. However, polyester cotton percale cannot be compared with pure cotton percale, which has distinct properties, such as:

- It is a natural product (i e contains no synthetic components).

- It is soft, exceptionally light and absorbent.

- It is not susceptible to static electricity and therefore more hygienic than synthetic materials.

- It is colour-fast.

- Its inherent insulating properties ensure that cotton is warm in cold weather, yet cool and crisp during warmer conditions.

Cotton percale used for bed linen is subject to a shrinkage factor and careful planning is required to ensure that the final product dimensions are within acceptable tolerances. This is especially critical for fitted items, for example bed skirts, duvet covers and fitted sheets. Therefore, to ensure 100% accuracy and to give our customers the added luxury of ready-to-use linen, every item is washed and ironed prior to packing and delivery.


The following upmarket local establishments use products made by Turning Leaves, some of them exclusively:

7 Church St B & B, Montagu +27(0)23-614-1186

Aasvoëlkrans B & B, Montagu +27(0)23-614-1228

Agulhas Country Lodge, L'Agulhas +27(0)28-435-7650

In Abundance Guesthouse, Montagu +27(0)23-614-2099

Fraai Uitzicht 1798, Klaas Voogds, Robertson +27(0)23-626-6156

The Vineyard Country House, Montagu +27(0)23-614-3803

C & C Guesthouse, Bonnievale +27(0)23-616-2204

The correct way to care for your linen

In order to ensure the longevity of 100% cotton percale, please observe the following basic rules:

- Machine or hand wash at a maximum water temperature of 40°C.

- Wash separately.

- Bleaching chemicals should never be used during the washing process.

- Hang out as soon and evenly as possible after rinsing. Do not twist.

- Iron while still damp, using a hot iron. Embroidery should preferably be ironed from the reverse side, or by using a damp cloth for protection when ironing on the face side.

- Store in a dry and well-ventilated environment.

The Unrivaled Quality of Turning Leaves Linen

We strive for excellence. Our linen can be used the same day that it arrives without laundering it and - importantly - without concerns about shrinkage.

Our product is perfectly finished before we commence with packaging. Therefore, every meter of fabric is rinsed and ironed prior to cutting! Even more astounding and significant, the finished product is washed and ironed again, with love and to perfection. We use this last phase of laundering as our final quality control and stamp of approval.

This is truly a labour of love – we are well aware that we can manufacture another set or two, given the time that we spend laundering the products, not once, but twice. It underlines our sincere commitment to excellence. Our customers describe it as the ultimate in luxury! Their appreciation is revealed not only in the heartfelt feedback that we receive, but also in their continued support.

Our philosophy

We strive to supply a niche market with a luxurious range of products, made to order with the finest quality white cotton percale, enhanced with machine embroidery as chosen by the customer. We believe nothing surpasses the timeless, understated elegance of pure white cotton for bed and table linen.

Our formula is simple and built on the foundation of the following four core principles:

- Immaculate workmanship

- Top quality 100% cotton percale

- Exquisite machine embroidery

- Friendly, professional service


Our aim is to uphold these four core principles and we do it with integrity. We value the support of every single customer and we want them never to 'fall out of love' with our products. Hence our commitment to excellence regarding the beauty, workmanship and service we render to our customers.

We believe that true passion cannot be faked. Passion reveals itself in every aspect of our business. We are humbled by the positive and grateful responses we have received from our customers through the years. We consider every person that enters our showroom or contacts us, to be a valued customer whose loyalty and regular business we aim to earn.